Embracing new and challenging projects, Pete is one of BG Buildingworks’ commissioning agents. His motivation lies within his continued quest of intellectual stimulation through resolving a variety of project issues. Pete thrives on functional testing and determining how systems can operate more effectively. Whether it’s facility operation, systems design, installation, building automation, or maintenance, Pete is the highly-skilled manager every project needs.

Too Cool for School

Batman sleeps in the Bat Cave. Pete sleeps in a snow cave – and doesn’t need a cape.

Where in the World is…

…Pete? Here, there, and everywhere is the name of the game with Pete who relishes spending time either hanging with his family, playing golf, watching a soccer match, or cheering for the Denver Broncos.

What’s on the Menu?

A dinner date with his dad to catch up on the afterlife makes it to the top of Pete’s list of whom he’d want to have dinner with just one more time.