With a love of learning new things, Rachel evolved from a drafter into a designer as she learned more and more about HVAC system design. Following graduating from ITT Tech with her associate’s degree in drafting and design, she spends her days in the A/E/C industry realizing her passion of gaining knowledge and using math to solve problems in building systems. Bringing a unique combination of conscientiousness and instinct, Rachel adds a level of awareness to everyday tasks as well as approaching challenging responsibilities such as finding resolution to limited ceiling spaces and routing ductwork. No matter what the challenge is, she likes to keep busy so her focus remains high and she leaves every day feeling accomplished.

Rachel Dominguez is bringing her game face

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

With a long history of making eye-catching, one of Rachel’s favorite hobbies debuted more than 50 years ago at the International Toy Fair – Hot Wheels. Born in 1968, these die-cast replicas of speed and real-car design, capture Rachel’s imagination and love of cars. An avid collector, she has countless models and variations.

Make Yourself at Home

Living just north of Albuquerque in Bernalillo, NM, Rachel calls this small(ish) townhome and is involved in one of its longest traditions – Las Fiestas de San Lorenzo. Dating back to the late 1600s, this magnificent and brilliant celebration manifests with the Matachines Dance, a rich physical and musical storytelling of culture and history.

Where in the World is…

…Rachel? Mesmerized by the lone blue icon donning silver helmets, hailing from the Lone Star state, heading to a Dallas Cowboy’s game is high on her bucket list. Often dubbed American’s Team, “the Boys” have an ardent fan in Rachel for as long as she can remember and faithfully follows the five-time Super Bowl champs. What could be better for her? Getting one more opportunity to talk with her grandfather, to hash out all things football.