“Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family.”



Project Engineer

Emerging from engineering roots, Sarah likes mechanical engineering because of the diversity the practice offers, with the fluidity of solutions it possesses. As it gives her the challenges that inspire her, it also makes her work harder to understand the intricacies of a building. Graduating from Kansas State University with an architectural engineering degree and the dedication to study diligently, she used her co-ops and internships to establish a foundation in which to grow. Sarah defines a good day as building relationships and being productive in her responsibilities. This sounds like the making of a great start to a budding career.








Everyone needs to have someone amazing in their lives and Sarah has her share, but picked her paternal grandma for the most inspiring in her life. With grace, independence, and a love offered to others, Sarah saw her grandma as the most selfless person she could imagine. Throw in her amazing cooking skills, Grandma Shirley taught her to speak her mind and be herself no matter the situation. Given that recommendation, it’s not surprising that Sarah would also pick Grandma Shirley as someone she’d like to have dinner and one more conversation.


It’s with great enthusiasm that Sarah would pick the ability to teleport because it would make life a little bit easier. Easy how? She’d be able to quickly visit those she loves – it removes the distance between her and her boyfriend who works in Louisiana; makes dinner more frequent with her family that lives in Kansas; improves the chance to see one of her brothers who lives in Paris; and increases the likely she can get to Greece, a romantic destination on her bucket list.


With a great interest in fashion, one of her favorite movies being The Devil Wears Prada, and a brother who works in fashion’s mecca, Paris, it’s likely not a surprise that “America’s Next Top Model” was Sarah’s favorite show growing up. She loved seeing the show’s fashion and dreamed about being a model when she was younger. Although the drama was a bit much, she loves exploring how things are pieced together and how someone’s personality can show through their style.