With a creative edge to bring new and exciting ideas to the table regardless of the event, Scotti is the glue that holds the Fort Collins office together. She graciously welcomes visitors and swiftly orchestrates the coordination of company standards and other corporate communications. Her smile and smarts are a meaningful addition to any project, while her enjoyment working with others is a rewarding contribution to any project team collaboration.

Scotti Hollingsworth is bringing her game face
Scotti Hollingsworth bike icon

Too Cool for School

Scotti had the opportunity to experience a spectacular event by swimming very close to some dolphins in a cove off the coast of Kona, Hawaii.

Dear Scotti…

Advice to those looking to break into support services: “Strive to be a servant at heart. [This] position requires the willingness to step in wherever needed and make the [team] and others feel reassured about all the peripheral things that are needed. It is rewarding to know that [you] make someone else’s day just a little bit better.”

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

A woman of many interests, Scotti loves to garden, knit, paint, and build things from recycled wood. Always up for trying something new, welding and working with metal are the next things for her to conquer.