With a unique combination of education and training as an architect, Shana transitioned into a BIM technician at BG Buildingworks with a different understanding of buildings come together. Armed with a degree from the University of Colorado Denver, she is a licensed architect and has a long history using Revit and CAD to design building systems. A good workday for Shana is attacking problems and finding solutions so that tasks can be accomplished.

Too Cool for School

High on the list of things she’d like to do, Shana would like to visit all the national parks as well as see all the wonderment in the 50 states. She’s at 49 with only North Dakota to go. What will it take to get her to the Peace Garden or Roughrider Country, considering she spent some of her life in Minnesota, one state over?

You Ate What?!

During time in Japan, Shana spent time in a ryokan, a Japanese-style inn often in hot spring resorts, that dot the country. While there, she partook in a traditional Japanese breakfast where she ate traditional fare including half-cooked eggs, raw shrimp, and the strangest food, raw jellyfish. She was not a fan of the fare, but at least she tried it.

Where in the World is…

…Shana? Although she’s lived in Japan and visited Europe, one thing Shana dreams about is the possibility of returning to enjoy eating tours. Specially, she would like to find a tour where she could indulge on all types of French fries and their associated dipping sauces. Why? Because she LOVES French fries.