“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done."



Senior Lighting Project Lead

Some say one’s journey may be by chance while others claim fate, but sometimes when things are meticulously planned, rewarding things can happen. Thankfully for Tanya she has a fear of needles (nix veterinarian) and luckily, she fell asleep in her Econ classes (scratch economist) that she pursued her third interest (yes, interior design) and feel in love with lighting. As a lighting designer with an interior architecture degree from University of California Davis, Tanya truly enjoys seeing a project from concept to completion and exceeding clients’ expectations. Her favorite aspect of her work is the aim and focus visit, where she can see everything transform from paper into real life.


With a motivation of the drive and goodness of people around her, it’s no surprise to discover that Tanya hails from Aptos, California, where the town’s name means “the people” in Ohlone.


The Queen of Soul captured her attention and squarely sits on the throne as Tanya’s superhero. From hearing her music while in grade school and dancing to Respect in a school talent show, Aretha Franklin was Tanya’s first inspiration to be a strong, independent, and confident woman.


As floats and walkers lined up along the street on her block for the 4th of July parade, Tanya’s favorite childhood memory was when she and her younger brother got up early to set up their lemonade stand. After all, it was the busiest and best business day of the year! When the day concluded, her family took off for the beach to watch the fireworks light up the sky over the ocean. If the day seemingly couldn’t get better, it did when Tanya and her brother got their first pet – a goldfish! Bets are that it was from the pet store and not the Pacific Ocean.