Transforming spaces with an artistic blend of science and aesthetics, Tia Nord is one of BG Buildingworks’ esteemed Senior Lighting Designers. With an educational background in Interior Design from CSU and Lighting Engineering from CU, Tia harnesses her deep understanding to breathe life into architectural masterpieces using the medium of light. Her passion lies in the balance of technical precision with creative vision, culminating in projects that not only illuminate but also inspire. Tia finds profound joy and fulfillment in collaborating with her peers, always seizing the opportunity to learn and grow from their collective experiences.


…Tia? When she isn’t brightening up spaces with her designs, you might find her exploring the great outdoors. Whether she’s hiking, biking, or in her back yard meticulously tending to her summer perennials, she’s most at home when she’s surrounded by nature.


Travel holds a special place in Tia’s heart. From the historical grandeur of Petra and the iconic Treasury Building, which took her back to scenes from the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘The Last Crusade’, to her dream destination of the mesmerizing Alps or the breathtaking Australian outback, she’s always up for an adventure.


Family forms the bedrock of Tia’s life. She cherishes the bond she shares with her parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. Residing in Lakewood keeps her childhood memories within easy reach, and ‘Faith & Family’ echo as daily mantras in her life. Among these treasured memories is the unforgettable experience of seeing Elvis Presley live in concert, a passion ignited by her mom’s vibrant enthusiasm for the music legend.