In a different life he may have been on tour and selling out arenas around the world, but luckily Wes wanted to eat and pursued a career as an engineer. Thriving in an ever-changing field and providing both fundamentally-sound and unique answers to clients as a mechanical engineer, Wes loves to analyze things and focus on delivering efficient project solutions. With a passion for building design, he enjoys working with the wide variety of clients and systems to effectively match the best solution to a project’s needs.

Wes Ploof is bringing his game face
Wesley (Wes) Ploof tambourine icon

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s My Superpower

Wes picks self-teleportation through time and space – talk about the need to pack light!

What’s on the Menu?

If Wes could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, he’d pick Nikola Tesla – to better understand how Tesla supposedly invented wireless power transmission, which in turn, Wes would use to help the world get free electricity and internet.

Dear Wes…

Advice to those looking to break into engineering: “Every time you enter a building. Look up and around. [And ask] ‘How does it work?’”