With a deep history of being connected to the construction industry – the Arbogasts built custom homes – Weston knew early on, his future involved putting things together. He even recorded his dream of being involved in architectural engineering in his sixth-grade yearbook. Armed with the motivation to try new things though different experiences, Weston incorporates this willingness as he builds a career in engineering and building systems. A native of Dodge City, KS, Weston became a Wildcat and earned his B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State. Enjoying problem-solving, the more complicated the better, he dubs a good day at work when he has a good balance of project productivity, fun in the office, and doing something active after work. It’s not a shock to know that Weston truly understands BG’s quest for a work, grow, thrive model.

Weston Arbogast is bringing his game face

Keep it Local

For some it’s about giving back and for Weston, he has a firm handle on what he like to do through volunteering. As an avid sports enthusiast, he loves playing any sport – indoors and out – and demonstrates this devotion at Eagle Valley High School as an assistant baseball coach. He offers his experiences to helps kids fine-tune their skills playing America’s favorite pastime and understand life beyond the game – that’s knocking out two birds with one stone, an easy double play.

From Point A to Point B

It’s not surprising that Weston’s favorite mode of transportation is flying when it’s uncovered that one of his bucket list items in life is to earn his private pilot’s license. What a great idea to be able to fly your own plane and soar with the knowledge and skills for all those gizmos and gadgets in the cockpit.

Too Cool for School

Picture a body of water nestled between the beautiful shores of Italy on one side and several Balkan countries on the other and you will find the Adriatic Sea. It’s here where Weston threw into the water a message-in-a-bottle only to have a lighthouse keeper on a remote island find it five years later and find him on Facebook. There was excitement on both sides – the lighthouse keeper discovering it and Weston knowing that someone found it. And, there was no need for Kevin Costner.