Finding what matters is key at any point in a career. The ethos of BG’s culture is about working, growing, and thriving as individuals as well as a team – be you, to be a better us. Born from the input of our employees, BG’s core values are trust, integrity, evolutionary, and service. From the latter value service, BG differentiates itself by providing service beyond the ordinary through the facets of design, project management, collaboration, and the individual characteristics we bring as a team. It is the referenced secret sauce to why clients work with BG.

So our culture remains authentic, BG blends a traditional office space with the innovative changes thrust upon us by today’s dynamic world. The company embraces a hybrid workplace where doing high-quality work is more important than where the work is done. Dedicated team building is still a priority with a focus on communication, collaboration, and partnership forming a robust team who works for each other and clients.

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Projects are key to BG’s success and so is developing and sharing time with friends at work. Yes, there’s things to learn and work to do, but culture is a priority. With a focus on being a great place to work, BG was recognized by employees and was voted one of Denver Post’s 2018 Top Workplaces and earned honorable mention in Outside magazine’s 2018 Best Places to Work. BG hosts a myriad of events throughout the year – some planned and some not. It can be gaining inspiration from a guest speaker to capturing new knowledge at a lunch and learns. Ask anyone what their “bird style” is and lean in to hear an insightful conversation about understanding how we communicate and behave in life. Or inquire what the latest fun is – a picnic, a potluck, or an outdoor adventure, maybe? Perhaps it’s hearing the glory from a winning team after a wellness challenge; building the highest spaghetti/marshmallow tower during office Olympics; grabbing a cold one at beer:30; or ducking a foam dart whizzing by. Whatever it is, life at BG Buildingworks is anything but dull.


BG is first and foremost successful because of the talented professionals who enjoy their work and passionately believe in what they do for the built industry. Through strategically assembling integrated teams to share in one another’s strengths, BG is a skilled engineering consultant with a relaxed and friendly environment where a spirit of excellence is maintained. Embracing a work, grow, thrive model, BG is committed to enriching the personal and professional potential within every employee. We value communication and promote an open atmosphere where the team can hear about the company’s daily operations and long-term vision and ask questions as well as share in the company’s success.

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